Baby Charlotte

My official due date was August 17th or 15th depending on who you ask. Both Eden and Eliza were born exactly 13 days before their due date. So, when I went in for my 38th week appointment Monday morning, August 4th I reminded my doctor that not only do I come early but when my water breaks, I deliver lightning fast. He checked me. I was a 2 and 80% effaced. His last piece of advice was to rush to the hospital if I started contracting at all due to my VBAC risk. He also joked that he would most likely be seeing me next week...my contractions started 7 hours later...

Driving Eliza to harp lessons they were 5 minutes apart. Came home for dinner at 7 and then varied from 5-7 minutes. Contractions stopped at 10:30 but woke me up at 12:30. Dave and I decided to go to the hospital at 1:30. Despite the intense pain, the nurses check revealed that I was still only a 2. She hooked me up to the monitor, and for one hour I suffered through some intense contractions spaced at exactly 1.5 minutes apart. After that hour, the nurse checked again and my body was still a 2 approximately 90-100% effaced. She consulted with the doctor - the SAME doctor mind you that told me to not waste any time and come in if I started contracting. THAT doctor told the nurse that my body after 7 years likely forgot how to do this and SENT ME HOME with 2 Percocet. She said the pain would subside within 20 minutes and recommended rest and to return in the morning. I was in SO much pain I could barely walk out to the car. I watched that clock and when it hit the 20 minute mark my contractions were actually more painful. We arrive home, changed clothes and got into bed. I was in bed 2 minutes when my water broke. We raced to the car. I was okay for about 5 minutes and then the contractions completely took over. I would say it was the worst pain that I have ever been in, except I have experienced this before with Eliza. I knew I was near the end and the end was coming fast. I felt that urge to push and told Dave that I wasn't going to make it. He continued to tell me to hold it in...impossible. I don't know what came over me, but I pulled down my pants and started to push. It only took 1 and her sweet head came out. Dave was in massive shock but continued to drive 100 mph down state street in Orem. I begged him to pull over and help me get the rest of her body out, but he insisted we get to the hospital asap. As we turned the final corner, I reached down, grabbed her shoulders and pulled her out. She was limp and the only thought that came to my mind is that she was dead. I rubbed her back, swept my finger through her mouth and she finally gave a little squeak. When we finally reached the ER, Dave ran in and told them "my wife had a baby in the car and it is all the way out!" The doc got into the car with several towels and rubbed her back until she started to cry.

We pulled into the maternity ward and there waiting for me was the nurse the discharged us 55 minutes earlier. The only thing she could say was, "oh my goodness, it is you." Yes...me...the lady that was in so much pain she couldn't walk and you sent me home!

So there you have it. Charlotte Ann Collings was born at 4:25 AM, in the front seat of my car, delivered by me. It was an amazing start to what I know will be an amazing life. I call her my bonus baby. This is not something that was in our "life plan". For the last 2-3 years I couldn't shake the idea that there was another member of our family out there. The first year we moved to Utah, I lost 5 members of my family. With each funeral I became more attached to the idea. Funerals have this beautiful way of reminding you what is most important in life - family and the relationships that we build on this earth. Nothing else. I love my family with all of my heart. Regardless of the many confirmations, I had several doubts over the last 6 months. Our family is in a very good place and a near 7 gap between the oldest and youngest is certainly going to change the dynamics. However, it only took 1 second with this sweet baby in my arms to fall in love.

Now that we are home, the kids cannot get enough of the little lady. They spend every second that I will allow next to her side. There is a sweet peace in our home. An angel has been sent from heaven and we are so excited to see what the future brings!

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